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My son was middle school age when he began experiencing health issues. His energy was extremely low. Some days it was a struggle for him to get out of bed in the morning. There were also sinus symptoms present.

We went to several general MD's trying to find the cause for all of this. No one seemed to know the answer or shed any light on the problem. Finally, we found a doctor who was an MD but also specialized in environmental health issues and nutrition. So, this doctor did some allergy testing. We discovered that my son was allergic to wheat and dairy. The test result that really surprised us, though, was a scratch test for mold. My son fainted on the spot. It turned out that he had a very strong reaction to mold, even though none of the other family members had reacted to it. My son was given several supplements to help detoxify his system. His diet had to be totally free of wheat and dairy. He could no longer sleep in his bedroom on the lower level of our house. We made sure he had a HEPA air filter in his room and special sheets and pillow cases. After several months his symptoms disappeared and he was able to enjoy life again. My advice to anyone suffering in this way is to find a doctor that is educated in nutritional and environmental health and will work with you to get to the root cause of the health problem.

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