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Certified indoor Air conducts full-scale mold inspections and testing to identify out where there may be mold, what is causing it, and what action needs to be taken next for healthier air.

mold inspection and testing

Why you need Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold Inspection&Testing


If you, or a loved one living with you, has been diagnosed with a chronic condition that impacts the respiratory system, or have been diagnosed with mold toxicity, you need a Home Assessment. If anyone in the home displays symptoms like coughing, sinus issues, itchy eyes or the like, an assessment is highly recommended.

Ask about our whole house assessment package.

Mold Inspection&Testing


If your home has been subject to hurricane or flooding, and storm events. If your Air Conditioner is leaking, or Hot water tank leaking. If the plumbing in your kitchen or bathrooms has been chronically leaking you need an assessment of the surrounding area.

Ask about our Water Damage Assessment package.

Mold Inspection&Testing


When buying a new property understanding the nature of the indoor environment you are inheriting is important. Our Home Purchase assessment includes specific testing and analysis that is over and above a normal Home Inspector's abillity. 

Ask about our Home Purchase Assessment package.

Mold Inspection&Testing


If you suspect your apartment or rental house has mold and your landlord does not respond properly. You need professional test results.


Ask us about our Renter's package.

Property owners are required to provide a healthy environment for tennants.  If your tennant complains of mold, ask about  our Proprietor Assessment package.

Who We Serve:

Residential Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Healthcare Facilities

Why Certified Indoor Air?

A mold remediation company may have a motivation to find mold and sell their services when inspecting your home. However, Certified Indoor Air focuses solely on providing comprehensive and professional mold inspection and testing services. This ensures that your best interests are the priority.

Certified Air’s Mold Inspection Service

Our inspection involves carefully examining both the exterior and interior of a home or building as well as searching for signs of water infiltration, past and present water damage, and mold growth.  


Attention to detail is especially important during this step as there may be signs of water damage that are not visible.  We inspect attics, crawl spaces, ductwork, HVAC units, under sinks, behind appliances, and anywhere else that water may have had the opportunity to cause damage.  


Our Mold Inspection staff consists of certified, highly- trained and experienced professionals who adhere to and follow the safest protocols and guidelines.


We utilize cutting-edge  technology for sample collection and use accredited laboratories for fast and accurate results. Our infrared thermal imaging ensures that we get the most accurate information when on-site.


Data is processed and interpreted to determine the extent and severity of the mold problem. The results are reported to the client, along with detailed descriptions of the sampling methods and laboratory analysis.

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We use the most recent advancements in mold and indoor air quality testing. There are several options available depending on your specific environmental and health needs. After completing our thorough inspection, we collect samples to be sent to a laboratory for analysis and identification.

Air Quality Testing

Air testing is used to assess what kind of mold spores and particulate matter are present in specific areas of your home

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Surface Testing

Surface testing allows us to collect samples from surfaces that appear to have water damage or mold growth

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ERMI Testing

The Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) is a highly specific test developed by the EPA to quantify the overall mold impact of homes and buildings.

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CIRS Inspection

For those diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)

the results of our inspection and testing will give you accurate information regarding the health and condition of your property.

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Mycotoxin Testing

Mycotoxins are dangerous chemicals produced by mold.  Different species of toxic molds produce different mycotoxins. We collect dust samples from your home to send to a laboratory for identification.

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Bacterial Testing

Bacterial testing in homes or commercial buildings refers to the process of collecting and analyzing samples to identify the presence of harmful bacteria. Bacterial testing can help identify potential health hazards.

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VOC Testing

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are often odorless gases released from numerous products and building materials that can become dangerous chemicals. VOCs are measured by collecting samples and submitting for lab analysis.

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